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Your Block

The idea for Your Block was to create a weekly course in print making, hip hop and research that would continue for a month. This was to be done through Roanoke's Parks and Arts series.Students would study these things in relation to Roanoke's Gainesboro Neighborhood, a traditionally African-American neighborhood. At the end of a month the students would produce a display of their work including music, history and a logo. Poe Mack (Local Hip-Hop artist), Hunter Dickenson (Print Maker) and Matt Ames were each involved in the project. Eventually it was scalled back but we were still able to present Your Block in three neighborhoods in 2013.

The idea for your block was influenced by constructivism and social practice. We attempted to design new ways for people to explore and learn about their environment: Creating coloring books for children, histories for adults in form of posters and pamphlets and allowing people to interact with the printmaking process. The goal was to create an environment to foster discussions about the histories of Roanoke's neighborhoods.